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Over the past two years we have made trips to Jordan and Italy to learn about the refugee situations in these countries and learn how they may be open to engaging with us. In Jordan we held drawing sessions with Syrian refugee children in Za’atari camp and with Iraqi refugee children living in Amman. These children drew memories of the homes they were forced to flee and the friends and family members they had to leave behind. In Italy we collaborated with a community hosting refugees from African countries. The refugees took dangerous trips by boat over the Mediterranean Sea to reach Lampedusa and Sicily.  In Southern California we have been engaging elementary school children to make hand designed cards with messages for refugee children. We intend to continue holding drawing workshops with children in California, Jordan and Italy.

Our untraditional combination of art and film powerfully mirrors the struggles of child refugees, increasing the sensitivity to and acceptance of them and their cultures. Your financial support of CROSSING DESERT & SEA helps to reinforce  dignity and the respect of vulnerable, disadvantaged refugee children.

World leaders at the UN Millennium Summit recognized the need to work collectively and responsibly toward “a more peaceful, prosperous and just world.”  Help us!